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One man's trash....
is Kurt Bauer's Creation

Kurt Bauer – a.k.a. Kurtasaurus Domesticus – is an ingenious designer based in San Diego, California, who snoops around estate sales and auctions, snatching up extinct materials no one else wants … creating distinct, handcrafted pieces for the home that are just … ’perfectly imperfect'!

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1957 – Margie




Retro Noir

Happy 2nd Birthday to!

BazaarDelMundoAugust 24, 2017 – ‘Happy 2nd Birthday’ today to! While Kurtasaurus has been offering upcycled interior design products since 2012, so many new opportunities have been created since the website launched 2 years ago today! Besides all of the sales through the website, Kurtasaurus products have been available at more than a dozen speciality events and are available in select boutiques and gift shops throughout Southern California. New opportunities are on the horizon to offer Kurtasaurus products in more boutiques and on other commercial websites!